The Journey Continues (A What’s New Post)

With a lot of stuff going on right now, and having had little time to blog throughout the year, it’s time for a general housekeeping post. Followed by another post because new story releases are awesome and one happened yesterday. But first, this post:

It’s been a busy few months, to say the least — partly why there’s been so relatively little blogging this year. And then I spent October running our Anathema subscription drive, which much like any other form of fundraising just eats all of one’s time. We did well out of it, though, with 23 new subscriptions toward doubling our rates next year! And increasing our readership and reach, which is honestly most of what we’d like to be doing at this point as we’re still a relatively small magazine. We’ve also confirmed we’ll be doubling our rates starting in 2019. So $100 for fiction and non-fiction, and $200 for art. We’re growing slowly on that front, but progress is progress. :)

We’re also finding ourselves short of a non-fiction piece as put together Issue 6 for December. (Or alternatively we may end up running six fiction pieces is nothing comes together on the non-fiction front.) So, Q/2S POC/Indigenous/Aboriginal writers, now would be an excellent time for you to send us something. Like, uh, asap…

(Please note: Issue 6 is still paying the current rates at $50 F/NF as we round out year two’s production schedule.)

The other half of October was … not quite as good. I’m still dealing with the ongoing email snafu that means if you’ve sent something to my personal email since the latter portion of October I guarantee you I haven’t seen it. For the record, please use for the foreseeable future as I have no idea when the personal email issue’s going to be sorted out. A solution from the provider is technically in place, but it’s not really been functional that I’ve seen so far.

November, though, has been interesting on a few different fronts. And yesterday was absolutely lovely as Augur magazine, who’s published me twice (twice!) held their Year End Mega-Bash. Which consisted of a ton of excellent readings, some wonderful news (some already circulating visual social media, some entirely new) about Augur‘s plans and their future projects. They’ll be talking about the not already public things soon, but in the meantime, Augur is an amazing magazine publishing some just fucking beautiful work, and they’re running their own subscription drive until the end of November. Please help them hit their goal so they can continue to produce gorgeous issues with equally beautiful and much-needed lit/spec crossover (fabulist, if you want to be genre specific :p ) content.

And as we move deeper into November I continue to try to keep up with projects already in the works. Like all those reviews I’ve been putting together. Which were supposed to start up in October. And which slid into this month and will be either here or in December. Basically: the paid work always comes first. And all the reviews I’m working on right now aren’t paid. They’re either happening because I was asked if I’d like to review something by people I know, or read/am reading something I want to promote. So that’s fallen behind freelancing and commissioned fiction.

Yes, every once in a long while, someone will actually commission me to write fiction. I know, I think it’s super weird, too. :/

Not least of all because the entirety of my ghostwriting freelance work has been non-fiction. But hey, paid work is always welcome, especially when it’s fiction — where my writer’s heart lives, anyway. Life of a freelancer and all that. :)

And, sometimes, sometimes, we even get to talk about new stories coming out, rather than just being upcoming. But for news on that, you’ll have to read the next blog post going up later today…

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