New Sale & What’s Coming in 2019

Now that the contract’s signed, I can announce that I’ve sold a Mutants & Masterminds novella, Idol Pursuits, to Nisaba Press as part of their tie-in fiction line. I don’t have a release date beyond autumn yet, but will update that on the Bibliography page once I do.

This novella also ties into my other Mutants & Masterminds story, “Kill Me Baby, One More Time”, coming out later this year. And though that story is technically set earlier chronologically, it doesn’t technically matter what order you read them in. Because you’re reading both, right? Good. :)

So what’s Idol Pursuits about? As per the condensed pitch:

Idol Pursuits is a queer, women-centric Maltese Falcon, in the style of Hellboy and the B.P.R.D., as directed by early Guy Ritchie (if he wasn’t a misogynist jackass).

Trust me, that pitch is a lot less messy than the original one I wrote before completing that novella and getting to step back and look at the whole thing in perspective. :D

Most of my published output this year is going to be tie-in fiction at this point. Including a third contracted piece I’m not talking about yet until that project’s further along which I think might end up coming out in 2019? Not sure yet. But it’s shaping up to be a fun year…

Stick around for more updates as they land.

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