Anathema Issue 8 is Live!

It seems to have been quite a while since I last did an Anathema issue release update on this blog, so it’s high time to bring that back! :D

Issue 8 is officially out in the world today, with a plethora of beautiful and powerful stories, poetry, and non-fiction, and some absolutely fucking gorgeous cover art from Jade Zhang (a small piece of said cover is cropped above).

You can find the issue free to read here.

Or if you want to support the mag you can buy an ebook of Issue 8 here.

And, hey, if you’re feeling generous, you can always pick up a subscription to the mag. :)

Those last two options are how we pay contributors and keep the Anathema website running, so doing so is always appreciated. But whether you’re reading it online or via ebook, we (my co-editors and I) think you should absolutely be following the magazine.

“But what’s in this issue?” you ask.

So much goodness, friends. So much.

Issue 8 has stories from Ian Muneshwar (“Still Water”), Jon Mayo (“A House With a Home”), Brandann R. Hill-Mann (“Soul Sisters”), and S. J. Fujimoto (“A Patch of Night”), alongside poetry from Joyce Chng (“Pendant”) and A.Z. Louise (“Seventeen Days”), and rounds out with non-fiction from Adefolami Ademola (“A Half-Formed Thing”).

We’ve also in this issue applied a couple of content warnings. Please do heed them.

So what the hell are you still doing here? Go read the issue! :D

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