Anathema’s Year 4 Fundraiser is Live!

It’s true, the Year 4 fundraiser for Anathema is now live in the world! And in the spirit of saving time and consistency, I’m mostly just going to repeat what I said on Twitter earlier about this. Because now that the fundraiser is live what even is time to spend on other things? :p

🎉 🎉 🎉

We’re looking to raise $3,500 CAD to fund our next three issues. Come grab subscriptions, an assortment of physical books, and a small range of critiques before they’re gone!

Find the campaign here:

There’s also a couple stretch goals in the works: funding another issue so we can (finally) be ahead of the game. Also a chance at raising our Fiction/Non-Fiction rates up to $150 per piece.

We would absolutely fucking LOVE to hit that last one, but first we need to cover 2020’s costs. 

I and the other editors will be online over the course of the month talking about the fundraiser (only occasionally being frantic about hitting that goal). But aside from donating/contributing/picking up perks, the single most important thing you can do to help us reach goal is spread the word. No, really:

Fundraising campaigns live and die by engagement, and we’re a small mag. Bigger than others, smaller than many. Our readership grows annually, topping out last year at 8k, and currently on track to hit ~11-12k by year’s end. But our reach only extends so far. That’s where you can help.

Every single RT, share, ecstatic shout of joy, and loosed carrier pigeon about Anathema’s fundraising efforts help more people know that A) we exist, and B) that we want to keep paying our amazing contributors. And, you know, raise our rates. 

So, wanna help? Give us a boost!

Contributing is also good. We’re absolutely on board for people pitching in funds. But do what you can do, spread the word, and read the ever-loving shit out of the mag.

Because we are so fucking proud of our issues and our amazing contributors, all. Just … SO FUCKING PROUD.


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