Anathema IndieGoGo Down to 6 DAYS Left & Other Procedural Notes

The Anthema staff are calmer than they appear in your rear view mirror. Please ignore that high-pitched screaming you hear in the background.

Well. That month went far faster than expected. Not least of all because of all the work on the Anathema fundraising. But also largely because of freelancing work, and looking for more freelancing work. (I could still do with more thanks, click here if interested in hiring me for some editing/copywriting/ghostwriting).

A lot of what I wanted to do this month on the blog has been pushed back to next month because of the aforementioned things. And I always know how much time the Anathema fundraising is going to eat out of the month we run it for, and budget accordingly, and it still takes way more time than one ever expects.

Said fundraising is, thankfully, slowly drawing to a close. Which is both great for my mental health and time management, and also kind of vaguely sucks right now because we’re — as I type this — sitting at 49%. Which, yeah, if you can pitch something in or shove someone our way who might also like/love/want to support what we do, that would be immensely appreciated! (The campaign runs through October 3rd after a late start this month because: public holidays.)

At this point, we’re counting in contributors from all sources — be it the website’s Donate page, purchasing issues or subscriptions through our website Store, pitching in to the Ko-fi, or helping directly through the IndieGoGo. We can’t adjust the total on the IGG to account for other contribution sources as it turns out, so we’ll be noting an adjusted tally up on the IGG once done. But right now, we need to get the funds there higher so we can fund our issues for Year 4.

Also we would love it if more people picked up some of the swag packs. We’re looking forward to working on finalized designs for those, and it’s the first year we’ve been able to offer them, so please help yourself to one. :)

Now if you’ll all excuse me, I need to go panic about the end of month deadilnes I’m working to, and also do some CCA grant application prep.

For those of you who also need the reminder (I recalled the deadline a week ago, so no judgement), the next Canada Council for the Arts Research and Creation grant deadline is October 2nd.

If you don’t have a profile on the CCA’s application system, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to set one up in time to apply for this period. (They can take up to 30 days to get confirmed, and only after that can you file an application.) But the Research and Creation grant comes up (I think still) twice a year at this point. So start a profile asap for next time around. :)

And with that, I’m out. There’ll be more non-Anathema content on the website next month, once things settle down.

Look after yourselves in the meantime!

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