New Tie-in Story Coming out in Sovereigns Anthology

I hadn’t planned to have another blog post up on the site quite so soon? (At least not one unrelated to Anathema.) But then Nisaba Press announced the Sovereigns of the Blue Rose anthology on the Green Ronin site, with a view of its table of contents. So, you know, I can’t not share that I have a Queen Larai story in the book.

Alongside, oh, a host of thoroughly excellent authors… :D

You can find the announcement and the full ToC at the link above. Said announcement also means I’ve updated the Bibliography page here on the site. Which leaves just one more piece on there I can’t currently claim the provenance of — until that project goes public anyway.

I’ll update the release date for Sovereigns on the Bibliography page once that’s public as well. And then when it comes out I expect you all to read what promises to be a decidedly excellent collection. :p

And for my part? Yay for more forthcoming fiction!

Not least of all because it feels like I spend a lot more of my time these days editing than writing my own work. Which … eh … for the most part it’s a living. (Like, a marginal one given publishing’s rates, and Anathema‘s more than just a living, sure.) But the fiction’s where my heart lies.

So, you know.

Every piece is a cause for celebration. :)

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