New Mutants & Masterminds Tie-In Story Out!

Given everything going on the last few months (it’s been a busy fall), I might have been remiss in announcing that my story, “Kill Me Baby, One More Time,” came out in Nisaba Journal Issue 4 in late November.

So here, then, is your belated announcement that I have a new tie-in story out in the world!

Specifically one tied to Green Ronin’s Mutants & Masterminds setting: the tale of a queer superhero who can’t stay dead, PTSD, werewolves, white supremacist elder god cultists, and just trying to make your relationship work in the midst of a whole lot of supernatural shit.

You know. The usual superhero fare.

Now, above and beyond my hoping you read the story because I enjoy writing these things and happen to think the Nisaba Journal series is excellent and you should go read all the other volumes as well, there are a couple of other reasons to read this one:

First, as far as I know it’s the first tie-in story set in M&M‘s Mystery, New Hampshire. Which is a delightfully creepy place and doesn’t really get enough love yet. So what better introduction to its wonderfully supernatural storytelling possibilities in fiction than through horror and absurdism, but, like, with an unkillable superhero?

And second, because this story focuses on Jane Dolan (The Resurrectionist), one of the protagonists of my Mutants & Masterminds novella, Idol Pursuits, which will be out next year. (Which is also set in Mystery.) You don’t necessarily need to read this story to read the novella. But this one comes first chronologically, and I’m biased and think you should read both. :)

Not sure this story is right for you? Amazon’s edition has a fair chunk of the story available to read as a free sample.

(The first link in this post takes you to Green Ronin’s Nisaba page, where you should absolutely buy the book and bypass purchasing it through Amazon. But I’m all for people thumbing through the fiction first to see if it’s to their taste.)

And that is me out for now. With Anathema‘s next issue due out this month, I’ll be back on the blog in a bit to talk about other things. But in the meantime, go read the story and enjoy! :D

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