Idol Pursuits is a Thing You Can Buy Now!

Wow. It has been a lot of months since I blogged on here. Been kind of in my head for the most part. Have you seen what this fucking year has been trying to pull with us collectively? Like, wow, in so many ways, fuck 2020.

But today is a busy day of things doing, and thus requires blogging.

First, Anathema Issue 10 just launched today. It’s fucking great, go read it.

Second, it’s also launch day for something of my own:

Idol Pursuits, my Mutants & Masterminds novella is now a thing you can buy and read! You can pick it up from either DriveThruFiction, or the Nisaba Press site directly.

Would you like an excellently-priced novella about four stabby, supernatural, dysfunctional disaster babies? Who, like, might or might not form a team (eventually…), but who will absolutely get into absurd shenanigans in a queer Maltese Falcon-esque detective mystery in the meantime?

Then, friends, have I got a book for you. :D

Grab your copy of Idol Pursuits so you can read about Alejandra, Jane, Kid, and Ilkath (The Revenant, Resurrectionist, Kid Necro, and … uh … Ilkath, respectively) basically being superheroic fuckups.

Those of you who’ve previously read “Kill Me Baby, One More Time,” in Nisaba Journal Issue 4 have already met Jane, (if you haven’t, hey, why not do so now?), and Idol Pursuits is set a couple years after that story. Though it stands alone from those events.

And for those of you who find you really like these ridiculous disaster babies and want to, you know, see what happens after the events of Idol Pursuits, I handed in a sequel novella earlier this year. Some of you may remember me mentioning writing a thing called Bardmaggedon off and on, which is its own set of ridiculousness…

But you’ll have to wait a little longer for that one.

In the meantime, go buy Idol Pursuits. :p

Oh, and if you like it, leave a review where you can, or shout about it to friends (or enemies, you do you). I’m trying to get people to let me keep writing these, damn it. ;)

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