A Reprint, For Hart and Queen!

So … an announcement to make about two publications within a couple of weeks of each other? Normally, no. Today, yes! Because Nisaba Press just released For Hart and Queen, an anthology of all the previously uncollected Blue Rose tie-in stories from various venues (including Nisaba Journal issues).

Which means that a) you get a boatload of excellent reprints if you want to pick up a copy, b) that you get an original piece in the conclusion of Rhiannon Louve’s Blue Rose story cycle that’s been appearing in bits and pieces (technically a novella in its completed form), and c) if you haven’t already read my story “In That Fire, All the Voices of Your Dead” from Nisaba Journal Issue 1, you can also read that now by picking up the anthology.

My own story is the introduction of the characters Atla and Korre, who you’ll be seeing again soon in another story from the Blue Rose world. I’ll be sharing that other announcement once it goes live. But in the meantime, want to catch up on how a Jarzoni refugee managed not to die in the desert, haunted by the ghosts of her past? And, you know, also found a friend, and maybe even a chance at building a future? Then go grab a copy of For Hart and Queen! :D

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2 Responses to A Reprint, For Hart and Queen!

  1. Bryanna Hitchcock says:

    Do any of these stories feature queer romance?

    • Some do, I don’t remember the exact breakdown though. (Mine does, I remember a number of others do.) But generally Blue Rose is set up as a queer-positive/queer-focused Fantasy Romance roleplaying system, so the fiction tends to reflect that. :)

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