New Anathema Issue is out!

Yes, I  know I have not blogged for months. There’s a pandemic on, you may have noticed? Been hunkered down, burning most of my focus on work this last long while. Blogging … can fall by the wayside under those circumstances. And also because of something getting discussed in the next post, which is probably going up later today, provided I finish it. But right now:

It’s August again. Which means a new issue of Anathema is out in the world! Specifically Issue 11, which you can read for free online here, and whose absolutely fucking gorgeous cover you can see below:

Chinelo and Andrew and I are, as ever, excessively fond of the way this one turned out. And I, obviously biased though I am, think you should read it post-haste. I mean you can’t beat exceptional fiction for the reading price of “free,” can you?

Support is also always welcome, via buying ebooks or subscriptions through the Anathema website store. But mostly? We want you to read the work and talk about it — to give these amazing creators their due.

Now what are you still doing here? Go read the new issue. :)

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