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The Journey Continues (A What’s New Post)

With a lot of stuff going on right now, and having had little time to blog throughout the year, it’s time for a general housekeeping post. Followed by another post because new story releases are awesome and one happened yesterday. … Continue reading

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2017 Recommended Reading List and Notes

Wow but this list is coming out way later than I’d planned. And is consequently no longer an awards recs list, just a recommended reading list in general. Because there was some great shit out in 2017, and I still want … Continue reading

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An Unexpected THoM Rec from Book Riot

Two posts in one day. What are the odds? :) But it’s a day, as mentioned last post, with enough different news to warrant two posts rather than piling things together as I normally do. Which I may stop doing … Continue reading

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Happy Canada Day & (A.C. Wise’s) Fiction Recs!

(The above image, which feels much more appropriate to post right now than the Canada 150 logo given the ongoing discourse we’ve seen about colonialism, reconciliation, and more in the runup to the celebrations — see articles like this one, … Continue reading

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Still More Anathema and Colossi!

*** I was tempted to set aside this post in favour of writing about the AHCA vote (I’m Canadian, but so many of my friends and colleagues are in the US), but that’s not why I hopped on the blog … Continue reading

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Beginning of May Roundup – Anathema and Colossi

May’s just up and running and already it’s a busy month around here — on a couple different fronts, in point of fact: – Anathema’s Open to Subs for Issue 2 Now that it’s May Anathema‘s open to unsolicited submissions again. We’ll … Continue reading

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2016 Recommended Reading List and Notes

It is once again that time of year! Lo, the 2016 Recommended Reading List is live! :D This year I am foregoing the posting of books read in 2016 because I spent much of the last year catching up on … Continue reading

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