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A “Not a Year in Review” Post to Round Out 2021

A blog post at the beginning of the year, and a blog post at the end of the year. Nice symmetry, isn’t it? As the year winds down and we head earnestly toward winter, I find myself thinking back on … Continue reading

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2018 Short Story Announcements (So Far)!

So. The plan for 2018: The reality thus far: It’s been a long year, these last four months. A good year in many ways, though I’ve spent an awful lot of it sick. And/or working the day job. Or playing … Continue reading

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Anathema Updates & Essays

I might have gone on a Twitter rant today. Hadn’t really planned to do so. Was just going to jump on and talk about Anathema, because there’s another editorial essay coming up tomorrow to help along the fundraising. Apparently I’m having … Continue reading

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Women Spies and Genderbent Playwrights — Novel Complete!

This is the fourth post in an ongoing blog series talking about the novel I’m writing (women spies and genderbent playwrights!), set in London in 1600. You can find the first blog post about the novel here. The second here. And … Continue reading

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I do not normally speak in the wake of tragedies. I use whatever strength of signal I have to give voice to others. To those who need it. But I will on this one point speak tonight, and then continue … Continue reading

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Two Weeks Until the Arts Grant Workshop

Another reminder as we’re now two weeks out from the Art of Writing Arts Grants grants workshop I’m running on the 17th. I will also note that if anyone wants to attend but it’s easier for them to pay in … Continue reading

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Grant Writing Workshop Tickets Now Available

The event page for my first writing/editing workshop of the year is now live over at EventBrite. I’ll be holding “The Art of Writing Arts Grants” at Bakka Phoenix Books on April 17th, from 1-3 pm. You can find more … Continue reading

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2015 Recommended Reading, Retropectives, and Notes

Every year this post comes out a little bit different. This year it’s going to be a list of book length (in various meanings of that term) works that I read, though I’m holding back on some things I read … Continue reading

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Heading Up on the End of the Year, You Say?

It’s the holidays again. That came up fast. Haven’t been posting much in advance of them. Just working, mostly. On other people’s things and some of my own. I’ve also got this stack of review books to get through. (Some … Continue reading

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Review: Fables Vol. 21 (and Overall, Really), Gotham Academy 1, and The Ring of the Seven Worlds

Apparently it’s been over a year since I last reviewed anything on the blog. Which I can think of a number of reasons for. But there are several reviews I want to get around to writing on here, and since … Continue reading

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