Micro Fiction

This is the Hub Page for the Micro Fiction stories appearing under the Free Fiction section of the website.

For those not familiar with the term Micro Fiction it refers to a particular brand of Flash Fiction.

Definitions are tricky for this particular length. I’ve seen attempts to pin it down range anywhere from 100-400 words. But that just scratches the surface. There are a number of markets that will take Micro Fiction in one form or another. Before Marvin Kaye purchased Weird Tales the magazine was producing “One Minute Weird” videos that had a required length of 20 to 150 words. Shock Totem solicits for “microfiction” under 200 words to fill partial or blank pages in the magazine. And of course there are various more specialized markets like Short, Fast & Deadly (420 characters or less – including spaces – for prose, 140 characters or less for poetry), 50 to 1 (stories up to 50 words, or the first sentence only of a longer work) and Six Sentences (stories submitted must be exactly 6 sentences in length).

For those seeking publications that take Micro Fiction I would advise you to look at the Flash Fiction length market listings at websites like Duotrope and Ralan.


Please click on the Story Titles below to view that particular piece. Or you can use the Desperately Seeking Widget to your right to navigate through all the pages of the website.

Thank you, and enjoy.

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