Quick, Everyone Look Busy, November’s Coming

The posting about once a month continues at this point. Mostly because the months seem to be moving very fast, and said last few months have been quite busy, what with freelancing, dayjob work, occasionally getting a chance at my own writing, and prepping Anathema‘s third issue for its December release.

Re that last point, the Anathema team is sending out all the responses to September’s submissions by month’s end, so keep an eye out for those and please do query us if you haven’t heard back on your submission by November 1st.

In among all that magazine prepping, I’ve also been finishing off some current freelance work. Following which I spent some time updating my freelancing website’s testimtonials/CV page, as you do. And in so doing, and looking at my freelance schedule, I realized I’ve got some freelance slots open for December. :D

I’m looking to book those slots asap, so if you want to work with me in any editorial capacity, click on over to the Matheson Freelancing website’s Contact page and hit me up with a query/request. There’s Rates information on the website as well, and if you don’t see what you want done outlined there send me a query.

There’s a few other things in the works around here at the moment, but talking about those will have to wait until they’re finalized. Some of it related to Anathema, some to my own work. Let’s just say next year’s going to be interesting. :)

Now if I can just get back to blogging every two weeks instead of every month…

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Further on Augur’s Crowdfunding (Success!) and More

And lo after ridiculous long absence, there was a return!

In truth, though, it’s been an absurdly busy month, and though most of what took up my time is not for public consumption (some might eventually be, because: vagueposting FTW!), I can at least share some of what’s been going on during September with you.

Including that Augur has made their crowdfunding goal at this point (two years, fully funded), and are travelling up toward 120% of goal! Fantastic to see generally, but especially good to welcome another speculative venue into the Canadian mix, and one with an intersection lens on the field is decidedly welcome.

Over the course of the month Augur‘s been talking about the work in their Preview Issue and posting interviews done with the contributors to that issue. Which means, right now, you can read an interview with me about Augur‘s reprint of “Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire” (that contains information about the Titan and Serpent cycle for those of you interested).

And you can read some excessively generous things said about the story on Augur‘s Twitter account as part of their “11 in 11” feature:

The latter kicks off a threaded mini-review of their own content, allowing them to talk about why they picked a piece for the Preview Issue, what elements of it spoke to their mandate, and why they love it. This particular instance is also an opportunity to have people say things of my work like:

It’s a beautiful, rich, complex story—we could talk about it for days.

So, you know, I’m on board with this. ;)

If you want to go support Augur‘s crowdfunding you still have a few hours to do so. But either way, keep an eye on them. They’re going to be doing amazing things.

And on my own front, you’ll be hearing more from me about my ongoing and one off projects as the year continues. Including material on Anathema (today’s the last day to sub F/NF/Art to our September window so get your content in by end of day) and some other things coming up.

For now, I hope everyone’s had a good month, and I’ll see you again in October! :D

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Augur Preview Issue/Kickstarter Goes Live

Yesterday the Preview Issue of Augur magazine went live online. You may recall me mentioning in this post that I had a reprint story, “Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire,” in said issue. And you can now read not only my story in full, but the entire Preview Issue for free!

My work there shares space with friends and colleagues, and just some overall absolutely fucking gorgeous work. The launch party, too, for the issue was last night (lovely to see all of you I know, and to meet many of you I didn’t :D ), and at that party I had the opportunity to listen to some of the other contributors read from their work, and, friends, this project is the beginning of a very good thing.

Which segues nicely into what else that party last night was for: celebrating that Augur‘s Kickstarter has also launched, with the magazine seeking funding for their first two years of operations. As I’ve said elsewhere already, I love Augur‘s aims and their mandate (you can find them outlined in the video accompanying their Kickstarter, as well as discussed more fully on their website), and it’s wonderful to see another Canadian-helmed mag featuring international work enter the landscape. So if you’re in a position to pitch in and directly help them reach their goal that’s fantastic, and even if not you can help by spreading the word.

I also have an interview relating to my story coming up as a part of the Kickstarter campaign, and will share that once it’s available. In the meantime though, you can treat yourself by reading Augur‘s Preview Issue to see what they have to offer. And look at the stunning art created for the stories therein (I love the art for my story so much), as well as the full version of that gorgeous cover art. (A crop of which tops this post.) Obviously I’m biased because I have content in the issue, but speaking as an editor: that Preview Issue heralds exceptional things coming down the line. Go give it a read. You’ll not be disappointed. :)

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What! Another Reading? It’s True!

Yes, I, introvert that I am notwithstanding, will be doing yet another reading following the (swiftly approaching) reading at the Augur launch party:

On September 20th I’ll be reading at the ChiSeries Noir Night, alongside other authors from the Pac’n Heat anthology. (Full lineup and details at the above link to the event.) Should be a fun night, and if you’re Toronto-based or Toronto-local you should totally come out for it.

And yes, I’ll be reading different works at the Augur launch party and the Chiseries Noir Night — I’ll be reading from “Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire” at the former and “All Them Empty Alleys” at the latter. I mean, hey, if you want to make it out to both readings to listen, talk, heckle, whatever, by all means do. I’ll obviously be there. Will you? :D

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Upcoming Story Reprint and a Launch Party!

In just a little under two weeks, on August 30th, Augur‘s Preview issue goes live to read online. Said Preview issue will contain a reprint of my story “Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire,” alongside a stellar lineup of work spanning fiction, poetry, and comics. :D

August 30th will also see a launch for the mag in Toronto (at No One Writes to the Colonel, starting at 7 pm)! The launch is partly to introduce the Preview issue, but also as a kickoff for Augur‘s upcoming crowdfunding campaign. And an opportunity to have a generally good time and hang out, as all launches ought be.

I’ll be reading at said launch, along with others (not sure of the full lineup yet, but it’ll be announced at the link above), and I understand that the launch will have raffles and limited edition zines as well. Going to be a fun night. You should totally come out for it if you’re free!

Oddly enough I’ll have more appearance news on top of this soon, despite my general practice of heading out to see other people do interesting things at launches and readings. I’ll talk about the next thing down the line once that’s public/posted, but for now mark the Augur launch in your calendar and come have a good time with us on the 30th. :)

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Anathema’s Second Issue is Live!

As of yesterday morning Anathema‘s second issue is live and free to read in its entirety! (If you want to help keep the mag going you can purchase a copy of the issue or a subscription — all funds earned go directly toward paying contributors and our website costs.)

We’re ecstatic to finally have this one out in the world. This issue just kept throwing up hurdles to pull together — you may have seen our extended/emergency calls for first non-fiction and then fiction after our standard submissions period was done. If it wasn’t one thing it was another, all the way up to taking all the content live on the website. (And, oh, there’s a story about that too … ) But the three of us (Andrew Wilmot, Chinelo Onwualu, and myself) finally fucking did it, with the help of some truly stellar contributors and their equally amazing work.

Issue 2 encompasses a broad range of styles and tones, all the way from glorious, pitch-perfect humour all the way to high fantasy misandry. (Yes. Really.) We fucking love the issue that came together, and we think you will too. :D

This being borne out by the fact that all the reviews we’ve had of the issue so far have been highly positive. And as always it’s wonderful to watch readers discover something they connect with and love deeply. That never gets old for me — connecting people with amazing work, creators, and artists. :)

But, seriously: there’s an amazing issue of fiction, non-fiction, and some fucking glorious cover art to be enjoyed — what are you still doing reading this post? The issue’s free, go read it already!

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An Unexpected THoM Rec from Book Riot

Two posts in one day. What are the odds? :)

But it’s a day, as mentioned last post, with enough different news to warrant two posts rather than piling things together as I normally do. Which I may stop doing generally, just to make news easier to find on here. We’ll see.

In any case, the reason for a second post today? (And one worthy of yet another shocked face post header.) I just yesterday ran across a post on Book Riot from a couple of days back, wherein Margaret Kingsbury pulled together a fantastic recommendations post: 100 Must-Read SFF Short Story Collections.

Covering 60 single author collections and 40 anthologies, it’s a deeply impressive post, wide-ranging in what it covers, and includes a number of books I love and overall just an extraordinary collection of writers and editors, primarily contemporary.

So imagine my surprise when I found The Humanity of Monsters on that list!

Like, holy crap, look at the company I’m keeping on that thing. O_o

In truth, it’s been a good few months of news with an award nomination, Anathema‘s second issue coming together (and dropping August 1st), and a number of other things coming together that I can’t talk about yet. But I thought much of the news for THoM was over and done with it having come out almost two years ago now. I’m delighted to be wrong in that. :D

I’d urge you to go have a look at the list if you haven’t already. It’s a shockingly good reading list. And contains the work of a number of friends and colleagues, all of whom I’m delighted to see on there, and who you should be reading.

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