[10/25/14: Back to doing reviews on the blog after a hiatus. Anyone wishing to mail physical review copies is welcome to do so, but still needs to use the drop box listed in the post linked below. My current mailbox isn’t big enough to handle books.]

[06/26/14: While I’m away at Clarion West, please see this post in regards to mailing physical review copies.]

[04/11/14: I’m going to be doing reviews here on the blog going forward. I’ll be listing, and linking to those, as I do normally with the reviews off site. In the meantime, I’ve moved all the off site reviews listings from the Bibliography page to this one. Mostly for ease of finding all the reviews content in one go.

If you’re interested in having me review something of yours (chapbook size and up, and ideally something novella length or longer), please use the Contact form on the Contact page to get in touch with me. I can generally take novella length work or lower in electronic form, but I require a physical copy of a book length work for review, so please bear that in mind when asking.]

A Dark and Terrible Beauty


The Globe and Mail

Innsmouth Free Press

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