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2017 Recommended Reading List and Notes

Wow but this list is coming out way later than I’d planned. And is consequently no longer an awards recs list, just a recommended reading list in general. Because there was some great shit out in 2017, and I still want … Continue reading

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New Titan and Serpent Story Out!

Where were we last post? Oh right, four short story announcements of mine. How timely then that this next post (having gone much longer between posts than planned) is about one of those stories now being available to read! Specifically, … Continue reading

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2018 Short Story Announcements (So Far)!

So. The plan for 2018: The reality thus far: It’s been a long year, these last four months. A good year in many ways, though I’ve spent an awful lot of it sick. And/or working the day job. Or playing … Continue reading

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We Need to Have Another Chat, Publishing: Why the 2017 Recs List is Late

I’ve been trying to put together my 2017 Recommended Reading List since early to mid-February when I finished reading for it. I’d originally intended to use it to help people find fiction to look at for the Nebulas and the … Continue reading

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The Return of the Blog and Anathema 2018 Crowdfunding

  So it was a busy end of year (and start to 2018). As you may have noticed from my not posting anything on the site since the beginning of December. There’s a few posts I’ve been meaning to put … Continue reading

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2017 Award Eligibility Post +

Fair bit of time since the last blog. Mostly because I’ve been busy with freelance work, work on Anathema’s third issue (more on that shortly), oh and finding an apartment and moving. So, you know, had some things to do off … Continue reading

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Quick, Everyone Look Busy, November’s Coming

The posting about once a month continues at this point. Mostly because the months seem to be moving very fast, and said last few months have been quite busy, what with freelancing, dayjob work, occasionally getting a chance at my … Continue reading

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