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  • “Kill Me Baby, One More Time”, Nisaba Journal Issue 3Nisaba Press, April 2019

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Critical Non-Fiction

Forthcoming Non-Fiction

Published Non-Fiction

  • “Effecting Change and Subversion Through Slush Pile Politics”, Nightmare MagazineQueers Destroy Horror! special issue, October 2015
  • Sol Rising Summer 2013, Ed. (From the Editor: Strict Consistency is More of a Guideline Than An Actual Rule, Per Se; FILKing at the Merril: Not Remotely As Dirty As It Sounds, And A Highly Enjoyable Time All Round; With Swift and Brutal Strokes: The Artwork of Chris Newman; Audubon, Robida, Da Vinci, and De Bergerac: The “Flight: A Thrilling History of an Idea” Exhibit Is On Now. See It Before It’s Gone.; Things You Should Be Reading: Recommended Fiction Collections From 2012 and 2013 (Some On Other People’s Recs); That’s a Wrap: The More We Change …)
  • Sol Rising Winter 2013, Ed. (From the Editor: Living in a Shifting Landscape; A Cornucopia of Wonders: The 2013 SF and Anime Flea Market; Exploring the Modus Operandi of Motivation: Post-Humanism and Creating and Disseminating Art at ChiZine’s 2012 SpecFic Colloquium; Toronto North: A Tale of the Urban Gothic: The Heady Days, and Nights, of World Fantasy 2012; Local Flavour and Fan Fun at SFC3; From the Surreal to the Sublime: The Artwork of Lois van Baarle; An Ever-Shifting Industry: Publishing in 2012; News and Events for 2013; That’s a Wrap: This Winter, Too, Shall Pass)
  • Nothing Happens in Isolation: Content Creators, Content Users, and the Role of the Internet, Guest Blog at ElseWords, November 19, 2012
  • Sol Rising Summer 2012, Ed. (From the Editor: One Letter at a Time; Year Out, Year In: The Inaugural Friends of the Merril Short Story Contest, and Looking Ahead; Further Reflections: More Thoughts on the 2011-2012 FoMSSC and Advice for New Writers; Liminal Realities: The Artwork of Markus “malo” Lovadina; Jo Walton at the Merril; Moving Beyond Insular Headspaces: Fan Culture, -Isms, and Fiction That Presents Honest Cultural Narrative; That’s a Wrap: The Potency of Words)
  • Writer’s Craft #81: Grounding Fictional Cultures, Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop: Writer’s Craft, July 16, 2012
  • Sol Rising Winter 2012, Ed. (From the Editor: The Palimpsest That is 2012; The Illusory Borders at the Edge of the Map:  Mythmaking and the Role of Modern Mythologies at ChiZine’s 2012 SpecFic Colloquium; Why All the Hate for Sucker Punch?; Bacon, Filk, and a Fresh Start: SFContario 2; That’s a Wrap: 25 Years and Counting)
  • Sol Rising Summer 2011, Ed.  (From the Editor: We Have Seen the Future [It’s Neon Blue];  Come to the Dark Side: Exploring the Darker, More Adult Side of Anime;  The 2011 Toronto Comic Arts Festival;  Embracing a Sense of Wonder: The Artwork of HaveConquest;  Anime North 2011: More Anime, Manga and Cosplayers Than You Can Shake a Shakujou At [We Tried…];  That’s a Wrap: The More Things Change …)
  • Sol Rising Winter 2011, Ed.  (From the Editor: Stumbling After the White Rabbit;  A Dark Tide, Rising: ChiZine’s First Spec Fic Colloquium Comes to Town;  The Bell Tolls For Thee: The Artwork of Jeanette Ardley;  Sifting Tosh in Tartarus: Or, A Diatribe Delivered in Frank Verse;  Braving the Bitter Chill of Winter: Actually, Forget That. Stay Inside With These Instead.)
  • Sol Rising Summer 2010Ed.  (From the Editor;  Five Minutes to Midnight At the Local Game Exchange Booth;  Immortal Love: The Inconstant Movement Toward Vampire as Seducer in Cinema;  That’s a Wrap: Final Notes, Felicitations and Invitations)



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