New* Story Free to Read at Shimmer and Anathema Submissions

Free Fiction to Read at Shimmer

For those who’ve been waiting for “And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus” to go free to read at Shimmer, that time is now! :D

You can read the story here.

The story’s part of Shimmer #36 (which came out in March, hence the asterisk on “new”), which is a fantastic issue with some absolutely beautiful stories in it. And if you want to support Shimmer and pick up a copy you can purchase one, or a subscription.

And while I feel a bit like a broken record saying this, for anyone who isn’t already aware: “And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus” is part of a story cycle loosely called Titan and Serpent. It follows chronologically after “Until There is Only Hunger” (which appeared in Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling). The stories in that cycle all work as individual set pieces, so you can read either first.

There are four other stories currently written in that cycle, with more planned. Still trying to sell the other four, but in the meantime you can read those two stories, and I’m calling that a win. :D

Anathema Submissions Reopening Soon

The other half of this post is that Anathema is open to our next round of unsolicited submissions come May 1st!

In just two short weeks we’ll be settling in to start reading for Issue 2. Personally, I’m hoping for a heavy influx of submissions. It’s always more fun editing an anthology or an issue of a magazine when the choice of what to include is made more difficult by virtue of a wealth of amazing work. :)

We talked a little bit about what we want to see this time round in this blog post. But, honestly, as long as you’re a queer POC/Indigenous/Aboriginal creator we want to see your fiction, non-fiction, and art. (As long as it has some speculative element.) Our full submission guidelines can be found here.

By all means spread the word. And if people are curious how to talk about what Anathema does or just want a sense of what kind of content we gravitate to, you can read the entire first issue for free here.

And this is the part where I remind everyone that Anathema is always free to read, but we do also offer individual issues and subscriptions for sale because that’s how we raise money to pay for content. You’re welcome to spread the word on that, too. ;)

That said, feedback on the story and/or Anathema is always welcome. It’s great to hear how people react to the projects I’ve got on the go. Both writing and editing anthologies and magazines are about creating dialogue, so I always love when people engage with something I’m involved in. (In the case of Anathema that’s a joint effort with Andrew Wilmot and Chinelo Onwualu, so credit when that one works is due to all three of us.) :D

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Anathema Issue 1 is Live!

(We have an updated logo. We are excessively pleased with it.)

Okay, so Anathema‘s inaugural issue (April 2017) has technically been live online since yesterday. I just didn’t blog about it then because I spent most of yesterday doing launch work, mailing out subscriptions, disbursing contributor payments, and getting non-Anathema related work done. And then the day was over. So today is for blogging about Anathema being out. Even late in the day though it now be (because today was also fairly full).

Said blogging mostly consists of letting you know that Anathema Issue 1 is available to read for free online, or to purchase as an eBook (or you can buy subscriptions from our store – we have tiered subscription rates) by directing you to this other blog I wrote over on the Anathema site.

Because then I don’t have to repeat everything I said there. :D

We’ve been getting some really good (and thankfully positive) feedback thus far, which is immensely gratifying. As editors, we’ve been putting this thing together for a while and we like the work in Issue 1 (obviously, or we wouldn’t be running it), but the big question is always: “Will people enjoy this content as much as we do? Will people connect with it?” Technically, yes, I know, that’s two questions. But so far the answer seems to be yes to both.

And now that that issue’s out, there’s a small window of downtime before the next submissions window (we reopen to unsolicited submissions May 1st). A little bit, anyway. All the promotion and back end work continues. But the breather’s nice. Especially since the editorial team puts Anathema together on an unpaid basis – all the money Anathema makes goes into paying for content, design work, or the website.

And before we would even consider taking salaries out of this gig (the mag would have to be making an exponentially higher amount of money than it is now for that to be feasible) we’d rather do things like raise contributor rates and run more content. All of which we’re aiming to do in the future. For the time being, we’re starting small. And it looks like a good start so far.

And, hey, if you want to help the magazine continue to grow, by all means visit the Anathema store and if you see something you like, those items are there to be bought. Growing our readership and our subscription base is how we’re going to be able to afford to pay better rates and run more and different types of content.

And while we’re doing that, if you wanted to support the people running the magazine, that would be cool to.

We’re all freelancers of one variety or another, and you can find more information on what services we offer by using the links below:

Michael Matheson – Matheson Freelancing

Chinelo Onwualu – Sylvia Fairchild Editorial Services

Andrew Wilmot – (Editorial, Layout & Design, Marketing & Consulting)

Feel free to give any of us a shout. We’re all excellent at what we do. And one of the primary rules of freelancing is that freelancers can always use more work.

All that said, we’d appreciate it if you spread the word far and wide that Anathema‘s live and kicking, and we hope you enjoy the first issue. There’s a lot more coming. :)

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Anathema Issue 1 ToC/Cover Reveal

You know what one of the best parts of (co-)running a magazine is? Getting to announce all the awesome things you’ve acquired to include in it! And the cover art! :D

With Anathema‘s Issue 1 dropping in less than a week, we’ve posted a full cover and ToC reveal on the Anathema blog. A reveal that includes this fucking stunning cover:

You can find the full ToC reveal here, and the issue will be available to read for free online (or purchase as an eBook) April 4th.

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Still Life With Freelancing (Predating the Author’s Cubist Phase)

Because one has to start somewhere before going full Absurdist.

In earnest, though, I am posting today in part to talk about pictures. Specifically some very nice pictures of book covers.

You see, I’ve been doing things because I need work — really any work, but at this particular moment we’re discussing the freelancing because I did a thing:

I’ve been updating the Matheson Freelancing website’s Testimonials page to include a partial CV. People keep asking me what books and other things it is I’ve edited, and I always hem and haw about posting a full CV to the website. Not least of all because I’ve been doing this a long fucking time, and thinking on how much to include leads to questions like: “Do I list the tech manuals? Do I consider all the online articles? How inviolable are those NDAs I’ve signed over the years?”

In the end, it just seemed easier to focus on a relatively small sampling of the long form editorial work I’ve done in the last few years. And to do so via pictures! :D

Because who doesn’t like book cover pictures? (Don’t answer that.)

At this point I’m still playing with the image grid layouts since there are many options for that on the template my other site uses. Also, I’m coming down from a solid stretch of days spent editing while fending off the ravages of a rather irritatingly persistent cold.

But while I’m doing that, you should absolutely head on over to the link above and look at the spiffy material there. And in the process also totally hire me for something or pass along that I’m available to freelance to other people who may be desirous of that information. If only because I have bills and rent to pay. :p

And while I am occasionally hesitant to flaunt my wares, as it were, I’m not shamed by needing work. I’m a damn good editor. Took me a lot of years to be comfortable owning that, but it’s true… And more and more it’s looking like I’m going to need to raise my rates at some point this year (for a variety of reasons). You might as well hire me now while doing so’s still cheap. ;)

(Not that hiring me will get ridiculously more expensive no matter what I were to do in terms of raising my costs. But you know what I mean.)

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Happy Birthday to Me

2016 was an interesting year, and a busy one. Generally so for the world, and definitely so in my corner of it. Massive ups, massive downs. Sometimes the world seemed like it was coming apart at the seams. Sometimes it still does. But we are, those of us writing and reading this, still here. And that’s something.

For me, part of that still being here involves the beginning of yet another trip around the sun. 2017 is shaping up very strange indeed. And, honestly, thus far it’s been a financial clusterfuck on my end. Hopefully it’s going better for everyone else.

Hell, I’ll be happy when I can afford to buy books again. (It’s been a while.)

In the meantime, if you’d like to, in the spirit of the day, do me a solid then I have two things you can do for me:

1. Hire me for some freelancing work, or pass along the word that I’m available. The last job I took on managed to cover this month’s rent and was supposed to go further, but a screw up in currency exchange rates has left me with yet another shortfall and there does not appear to be a way to rectify that error (yay ongoing financial clusterfucks…). So, seriously, more work asap would be great. And by “great” I mean: “Oh hey, that money I got screwed out of was supposed to buy me groceries for the whole of this month.”

2. The first issue of Anathema (you know, that fiction mag I edit with Andrew Wilmot and Chinelo Onwualu) lands April 4th, and it would be just absolutely swell if you’d take a look at our subscription packages. Anathema‘s issues are free to read online and will always be so, but we’re using sales of individual issues and subscriptions to fund paying contributors past the first year (which is covered thanks to all those of you who contributed to the crowdfunding we ran). We’d also love to raise enough money to raise our rates at some point, but right now we just want to pull together funds to keep going past year one.

With no issues out yet, there’s only so much I can do to entice you to support Anathema at this point. Andrew, Chinelo, and I bring reasonably good credentials to the endeavour. And for those not already aware, Anathema‘s mission statement is this:

Exceptional art is a bruise: it leaves its mark on you. At its best it leaves us vulnerable and raw, transformed by the experience. At Anathema we’re interested in giving that exceptional work a home. Specifically the exceptional work of queer people of colour (POC). As practicing editors we’re keenly aware of the structural and institutional racism that makes it hard for the work of marginalized writers to find a home.

So Anathema: Spec from the Margins is a free, online tri-annual magazine publishing speculative fiction (SF/F/H, the weird, slipstream, surrealism, fabulism, and more) by queer people of colour on every range of the LGBTQIA spectrum.

Beyond that … well, there’s one other thing I can do…

Though we’re holding off announcing the full lineup of contributors to the inaugural issue until everything’s squared away, we don’t embargo our contributors from announcing that they’ve sold content to us. Which means I can point out to you that two of the thoroughly excellent people who’ll have stories in issue one have already shared that information:

They gave us some fucking amazing content to work with. As did the other contributors we’ll be revealing in advance of the issue’s release.

And like I said, Anathema‘s issues are free to read so if you’re in a position to toss some funds our way, great. But if not, come read the issues anyway as we release them. Because if the way the first issue shaped up is any indication of what we’re going to pull together going forward then you’re in for a treat. :)

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go force myself to take the day off from work. Or try, anyway.

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Shimmer 36 is Live – New Fiction!

A new month is underway, and that means new fiction available or shortly so from a variety of magazines! But today I draw your attention to one particular release, Shimmer #36:

First, that is an absolutely fucking gorgeous cover. Second, why yes, that is my name on the cover. Thank you for noticing. :)

Oh but what story of mine is in this issue, you ask? “And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus.”

Back in the 2016 Year in Review post I mentioned that another Titan and Serpent story was coming up in Shimmer, and now you can finally read it!

Right now you’ll have to purchase the issue to read the story, though if you’d rather read it for free online it’ll be available on Shimmer‘s website come April 18th. If you’re able to purchase the issue now though I’d recommend it — there are some excellent interviews with the authors in the eBook edition (including, you know, me), and you help fund Shimmer‘s ability to keep buying fiction and art and bringing you amazing content. They also offer subscriptions, which at 6 issues for $15 is effectively getting a free issue.

A quick reminder that if you’re interested in reading the currently released Titan and Serpent stories (I’m working on selling more of the finished ones, and continuing to write the cycle) in chronological sequence, “And in That Sheltered Sea, a Colossus” comes after “Until There is Only Hunger” (which was published in Upside Down: Inverted Tropes in Storytelling). Though the stories in that cycle also stand alone, so you can read them in whatever order you like. :)

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February and Freelancing

It’s been a strange February here as regards weather, though the month itself goes quick as ever given its briefer duration. And as February carries on toward its close I find myself doing some financial tracking, as I do every month. Well, I do that on a more regular basis. But, point: I was doing some financial tracking. And in light of those numbers, this seems an excellent time to remind everyone that I make most (sometimes all) of my living via freelance work.

Why remind you now specifically, you ask? Because at this point it looks like I’m going to need to pick up more work sometime before the month ends to go toward bills and other basics.

Ah, the life of a freelancer.

It frequently looks something like this:

Because, you know, deadlines. Among other reasons.


For those seeking the services of a freelance editor, or those who know someone seeking the services of a freelance editor, I’m just going to point you in the direction of, well, me.

I handle mostly copywriting, editing (at all levels), and ghostwriting, and I maintain the Matheson Freelancing website to speak to the services I offer. I also list a basic breakdown of rates over on this page of that website.

While I am still technically working on a project at the moment I have time to take on new work. And, as noted, am in the position of needing to do so. Contact info can be found on the Matheson Freelancing website as well.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog. And for those who’ve heard this from me already on occasion, thanks for bearing with.

For those new to the blog, I try to minimise the posting about the freelancing, but in the end I like eating and being able to pay my rent. So every once in a while it’s a necessity to bring it up. :)

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