The State of the World (Around Here), Late July 2015 Edition

As a couple of people reading this (the ones who have been helping set things up) already know, come August 1st I’m putting my things in storage and starting a month of house sitting and couch surfing while I continue to look for a new place for September.

As I’ve mentioned here and elsewhere, I’ve been apartment hunting for a couple of months now. And while I love my native city, Toronto is a fucking expensive place to live, competition for residences is fierce, and trying to secure a place as a freelancer is … complicated. Not impossible. I’ve done it before, but it makes renting harder in this city.

Witness the fact that over two months I’ve contacted 63 landlords and been to 22 apartment viewings. Come close a few times, but had things fall through for various reasons.

All of which is to preamble the fact that if anyone is planning on mailing something to me, there is mail forwarding set up, so go right ahead and send those standard letters. If anyone is sending a package my way, please e-mail me first ( for the address I’m using as a mail drop. Canada Post’s mail forwarding service only accounts for standard mail, I’m afraid.

Incidentally, as I know I’ve been slow to respond to e-mails — of which there are a lot sitting in my inbox(es) right now — lately, the flurry of work around the residence upheaval and everything that comes with is why. Not to worry, an answer is coming for everything waiting on one. It just may come a little slowly right now :)

In other news, the packing has meant that I’m behind on reviews and any number of other things. Speaking to reviews I won’t be getting to right now, though I’d very much like to, just go out and buy copies of H.L. Nelson & Joanne Merriam’s Choose Wisely anthology, and Daniel José Older’s Shadowshaper. They are both exceptional books, in entirely different ways. And both well worth purchasing. I will go into detail down the road when I finally get around to reviewing things on the blog here again. Which will come after the paid review work I need to finish first.

In still other news — and in keeping with the idea of talking about all the things going on around here — I’ve been looking over layout workups for The Humanity of Monsters anthology, and that is going to be an absolutely beautiful book. You can still place pre-orders for it here. Yes, the release date is still wrong, and the book is still coming out on September 15th. The important thing is that means that we all only have to wait a month and a half to get our copies.

Having also been re-reading the book while looking over the layout, it is absolutely worth the wait :)

Last but not least — for now — despite the fact of the moving, the apartment hunting, the couch surfing, and the house sitting, I am still open to take on new freelancing work. Anyone interested can go visit the (really still rather) new freelancing website I set up over at Wherein I relocated all the freelance editing information from the website here, and finally added in the information around freelance copywriting and ghostwriting. The latter being things I have done less of the last few years, but am still open to doing upon request.

That said, I’m off to go do more packing and editorial work.

And possibly collapse at some point.

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New Freelancing Website and a Story Update

Over the last few days I’ve been spending some time building a dedicated freelancing website and moving the freelancing material off this one. The new website can be found here: Matheson Freelancing.

Part of the reason to do that is that while I’ve had the freelancing services listed on here they’ve been focused on editing, and I’m opening up my services more publicly to copywriting and ghostwriting again as well. Also I like the effect of having this website be more directly a blog and partially an author website dedicated to my own work — both the fiction and the anthology work.

Sometimes it’s also just nice to present a more professional front, and the freelancing components of this site have been pretty low key. As is the general nature of this website. Any and all feedback on the reorganisation is welcome. And as always I’m seeking new clients and more freelance work. The apartment hunting and moving prep goes ever on, so every job helps at this point.

And on other fronts not related to moving or freelancing, I had word the other day that a story I sold back in 2012, “Against a Sea of Brilliant White,” which will appear in Scott David Aniolowski’s Mark of the Beast anthology, is almost out in the wild. The anthology is apparently set to be released in August. No firm date for that yet, but the month at least has finally been nailed down.

I have … thoughts around that story. 2012 was an interesting time in the life of my writing thus far. Still my best year for story sales. By a fair stretch. But some of those stories hold up, and some of them don’t. I got more methodical as I went on, more careful as a writer. More willing to rip things apart and start from scratch when something didn’t say what I wanted it to say. I can’t decide where along that divide “Against a Sea of Brilliant White” falls. And I’m too close to it to know for sure.

Consequently, I’ll be very curious to see what people make of that story.

In the meantime, I’ve updated the Bibliography page, and will share any additional information on the book as it comes in.

And, hey, new (in publication terms, anyway) story soon to be out in the world, and a new website. The all but staggering amount of ongoing work on this end isn’t always visible, but sometimes you get some very tangible things out of it :)

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And the Months Roll By (Or July Seems to Be, Anyway)

Seriously, where the hell did that half of July go?

Christ, this month is moving fast. Mind you, I’ve spent most of it deep in edits, writing reviews, apartment hunting, in moving prep, house/catsitting, and running around like the proverbial decapitated chicken. (It’s been a long couple of weeks.)

In the middle of all the madness, a couple of updates:

Holy crap could I do with some more freelance editing work — and I have slots available! Rates right here. Costs around moving are always high, but depending on what happens (and there are a lot of possible options about what happens come the end of this month), I may have to move thing into storage which means additional costs. This move happened fast, before I’d had time to stockpile funds the way I normally do while gearing up for a move. So I’m trying to get my hands on all the money I can in advance of the coming move. If anyone needs freelance work done (I do editing and writing across the board, so whatever it is you need give me a shout and I’ll get you an answer if there isn’t a rate already listed), you can either write to or use the Contact form to get in to touch with me.

In regard to the above, because this website is split between my personal stuff, the anthology work, and the freelancing, I’m setting up another website just for the editing. Should have that going in the next couple of days. At which point I will link to it, and move some things around here.

I’m still Patreoning! The second post for this went live today. What did I post today? You’ll have to become a Patron to find out :p

I know, I went there. I will tell you that today’s Patreon post is new work, and it’s an excerpt from something. I’m just not telling you what it’s an excerpt from. Though, despite being obviously biased, I think it’s worth reading :)

On that note, I’m out. There’s a lot more in the works. Some things I’ll be updating in the next couple of days. Others that are for a bit more down the line. Suffice to say that life is stupidly busy around here. Though, earnestly, now is the time to bug me about freelance work if you have some that needs doing. I’m lighter than I’d like to be on jobs in August, in addition to trying to pull together more funds to help with the moving.

As always, any help spreading the word is deeply appreciated.

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The Humanity of Monsters Anthology Pre-Order Reminder

So it’s Saturday night and I’m just sitting here working. The summer here is lovely, the sun fading low in the sky as twilight approaches. And I am reminded that it’s been a while since I pointed out that THE HUMANITY OF MONSTERS anthology, which comes out from ChiZine Publications in September, is still available for pre-order from Amazon.

I’m quite proud of that book for all kinds of reasons. But, really, it’s the contents you want it for. That book gathers 26 truly extraordinary stories, from a variety of voices. Some established, others just getting their start. And the chorus they raise is something else. Yes, I know, I’m biased. So be it. I stand by that book.

I bloody well better. My name being on the cover and all :p

Anyway, September is coming up fast. And copies of the book will be out in the world soon enough. But if you want to snag a pre-order in the meantime, please do. Always good to see support for the book in advance of release.

And as always, any help spreading the word is vastly appreciated :)

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Freelance Editing Rates Raised

It’s July 1st, and as of today I’m upping my freelance editing rates.

The raising of the rates and the reasoning behind that was previously discussed in this post. But the following is a quick breakdown:

The change is an increase of $1/page across the board for editing, and an increase of $50 for the Critical Assessments for fiction. The current rates for fiction and non-fiction are now $3/page for Substantive/Developmental Editing & Line Editing, and $2/page for Proofreading. The fee for a standalone Critical Assessment is now $250. The rates for academic editing are not changing.

You can find the full breakdowns and additional information on the Rates page of the Editing section of the website.

Other than that, it’s business as usual around here. I’m in the middle of a couple of projects. But I’ve got slots open for more work. And I’m taking all the jobs I can to help offset the cost of the upcoming move. So now is a good time to get in touch with me about new projects.

Which you can do by using the Contact Form on the website, or by getting in touch with me directly at Either way :)

And now we begin the second half of 2015. Been an interesting year thus far on this end. Not entirely sure what to expect from the latter half of it. But one always hopes for good things. And I hope the same for all of you.

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Clarion West 2015 Write-a-thon

So I signed up for the Clarion West 2015 Write-a-thon. Because I’m not doing enough with my time already, right?

As an alumni, it seemed only fair that I do something with it.

Anyway, it’s a system whereby you set yourself some writing goals. Whatever you want really. You set up a page where people can come look at what you’re doing. And you offer that if they want to they can provide financial support that goes to Clarion West to help offset costs there. My profile on the Write-a-thon system can be found at the link above.

I’m going to spend the five weeks the Write-a-thon covers revising a novella of mine that’s been in the works for a while now. And write at least one new short story. The latter made easier because it coincides with the scheduling for doing that on my Patreon account.

I am multi-tasking like a motherfucker at this point.

Not least of all because I’m doing all this while in the midst of gearing up to move, the apartment hunting, and the freelancing. So, you know. Things around here are a little hectic right now.

Anyway, head on over to the Write-a-thon pages and have a look around. As of writing this, there’s just over 160 people doing their own Write-a-thons, including yours truly. An awful lot of different projects on the go. Some of which sound decidedly fascinating, and I’ve only looked at a handful thus far. Some neat stuff going on this year.

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Amendments to Con Appearances (or Not) for 2015

Have been looking at my finances given the moving and what’s already come up this year in terms of financial expenditures, expected and unexpected. And while I’d planned to attend World Fantasy, and hoped very much to be able to go to Readercon, I’m not going to be making it to either con this year.

I’ve already cancelled my World Fantasy membership, so someone on the waiting list will get the benefit of that. And I hadn’t actually registered for Readercon this year. So that’s done. Will miss seeing the many of you I would have gotten together with at both events, and the many of you I would finally have been able to meet in person. And it’s been ages since I’ve been down to New York state. But it looks like that’s for another time. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to head down for one of the monthly KGB readings. Who knows.

And we shall see what next year’s con schedule brings. At this point the only convention I’m fairly certain I’ll be attending in 2016 is Ad Astra. Beyond that, we shall have to see.

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