One Month to Go Until the Start a Revolution Fundraiser Launches

We’re now midway through April (where the hell did the first half of the month go?), and a month away from the launch of the Start a Revolution Kickstarter.

I’m in the process of nailing down backer rewards (looks like copies of additional books, some service-based intangibles, and possibly more at this point), finalizing costs, doing back end work, and basically making sure I don’t drive myself over the edge trying to run this thing.

Things are actually looking quite good at the moment, though I’m going to be deliberately vague for a little bit about what specifically you can expect around the Kickstarter. Beyond awesome content and some excellent rewards, of course :)

This project has been what feels like an inordinately long time in the making at this point. (Though The Humanity of Monsters had a longer genesis overall, so the production cycle of each anthology I put together is apparently getting shorter?) And there’s still a ways to go yet, but I’m looking forward to being able to talk more about the current incarnation of this anthology, getting a chance to reveal the gorgeous cover (a finalized version of that too is in the works and should be ready to reveal when the Kickstarter launches) and go out and actually bring this project before the community and do this together.

It’s somehow incredibly fitting that a book about revolutions (personal and societal) and social movements should be put together by grassroots crowdfunding. Funny how these things end up working out, isn’t it?

In any case, barring unforeseen acts of nature the fundraiser for Start a Revolution should go live come May 15th. I may tease some things ahead of time between now and then, but mostly I’ll be busy setting everything up, freelancing, and pulling together some commissioned work.

And of course talking about other ongoing projects around here. Some you already know about. Others in the works.

Okay, yeah, I’m a horrible tease :D

Nevertheless, keep an eye out for more news as it crops up. And I’ll try not to spam everyone around this as I go.

Though you’re all welcome to spread the word that this is, indeed, coming down the pipeline :)

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Notice: Resignation from ChiZine Publications

Because I was involved in the run-up to Ad Astra last week, and have been head down in freelancing for the last few weeks before that, I didn’t actually end up blogging about resigning from ChiZine Publications.

The long and short of it is that last Wednesday I resigned from my position as Managing Editor, CZP eBooks.

Much as I enjoyed working with the writers and fellow staff at CZP, my primary income comes from freelance editing, and that’s where my focus needs to be. Which is not to say I won’t potentially take up an editorial position somewhere else. I’m totally open to the right offer. But for the moment I’ve got a full slate of freelance work I’m committed to. To the point where though I am, as always, open to taking on more freelance clients — and anyone interested should see the Editing tab on the navigation bar above — any new freelance jobs would have to be scheduled to start in June at the earliest.

Anyway. I have loved being able to have a hand in the books and projects at CZP to which I’ve contributed. But now it’s time to move on to other things.

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Ad Astra 2015 Follow-Up

So I’m back from Ad Astra (the con finished yesterday), all over the place in terms of work and deadlines right now, and still just unbelievably tired in the most excellent of ways because that was a fantastically run con, and extremely full of people and things I was delighted to see. While I was at the con it was easy to stay energized, but now that I’m back I’m just crashed out for a little bit before I launch into the next round of things that need doing here.

This despite purposefully not setting as full a schedule as some (only had the workshop and the four panels) because I knew I was going in already tired given the last few weeks. (Well, months, really.) Essentially, despite sleep deprivation (there and prior) and being busy as fuck going in, that was an amazingly enjoyable experience full of awesome people, getting to see friends who came in for the con, and being on and auditing some extremely enjoyable panels. Serious kudos to all of the programming team and the con volunteers (with a special shout out to Angela Keeley for a laundry list of reasons too long to go into here, and Kelly Moore), my fellow panelists, and some deeply engaged audiences, as well as a fantastic group of workshop participants.

That workshop was a hell of a way to start the con, and I sat in on one other which came together at a level most workshops don’t hit and that was amazing to see. From what I’ve heard of the literary track of workshops on the Friday of the con as a whole they all went extremely well, which is pretty awesome for the first year of Ad Astra doing a workshop track. And following that workshop the rest of my weekend was spent talking or listening to decidedly smart people discuss things. Including some deeply fascinating and quite lengthy late-night discussions with friends I see much too seldom. Also, my apologies to anyone who was looking to see me on my last panel of the weekend: I skipped it to attend to something personal that cropped up on my way there. Though I hear that panel went well anyway, for which I’m quite glad.

I don’t really do a full rundown of my con attendances — I like reading other people’s, I just often don’t have time to write my own and when I do they’re scattered and a little vague as with this one — but that was an excellent weekend overall, and I’m fast running out of superlatives to ascribe to it :D

Looking forward immensely to the next year’s doings while I wind down here for a bit.

Actually, just thinking about the amount of work that I was doing in the runup to the con, and things I was looking after while the con itself was on, it occurs to me there’s an announcement I didn’t even have a chance to make last week. But I want to give that its own post, so I’ll write that up momentarily.

In the meantime, another thank you to all of you who helped perpetrate a most thoroughly enjoyable weekend. I don’t see many of you as often as I should like. I shall need to find ways to rectify that :)

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Further The Humanity of Monsters Updates (And Pre-Orders Now Possible)

So I am currently at a convention and thus am focused on other things. But I was reminded of one of the two things I am noting below this morning, so since things are piling up around The Humanity of Monsters, this seems like an excellent moment to point these out:

One, the anthology’s table of contents was posted on SF Signal. (I knew this a couple of days ago and just keep forgetting to mention it here.) And let us all just take a moment to absorb that. Because I’m still in the “Wait, this is a real book?” stage of things. Also, though I didn’t notice a link SF Signal had put up (again, at a con, and spent most of the week deep in freelance edits and involved in the runup to the con), but thankfully other people did notice this, and have started talking about the fact that:

Two, you can pre-order the paperback edition of the anthology through

I would talk more about that, but, again, still stuck on “Wait, this is a real book?”

I’m sure it’ll settle in eventually ;)

In the meantime, I’m going to go prepare for some panelling. Which I am totally not asleep for. Nope. Totally awake. (Some of us were up until the wee hours the day before following running a con workshop at 10 in the morning, and then a slash fiction reading panel at 11 pm.)

Oh, and by all means, spread the word about THoM far and wide. I know I’ll be having a good time doing so :)

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Cover Reveal for The Humanity of Monsters Anthology

Popping in while trying to finish off some projects I’m racing deadlines on, but this cover has already gone live on Facebook so I’m revealing the cover here as well for those who’re not over on FB.

Courtesy of Erik Mohr, artist and cover designer extraordinaire, I present to you the final cover for The Humanity of Monsters!

The Humanity of Monsters

The anthology will be out September of this year, from ChiZine Publications. The cover lists half of the contributors for the anthology and you can find the full contributor list, and more information about the anthology in general, on the The Humanity of Monsters page here on the website. There will also eventually be a page up for it on the CZP website.

In the meantime, feel free to share the news! :D

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Ad Astra 2015 Schedule!

We’re about three weeks out from Ad Astra 2015 and the finalized schedules have been released to panelists, and thus I share mine with all and sundry:

Friday, April 10th

10:00 am Climbing Out of the Slush Pile (Workshop – Register here)

Note: There’s a discount for con attendees. And attending the workshop will get you a discount on a con membership if you decide to pick one up after. See the reg page linked above.

A mix of publishing industry gab (bring any and all questions), short story/novel market practices, and direct critique of submitted work. Come with questions and prepared to talk. The discussion will be tailored to the submitted work and discussion generated organically during the workshop.

11:00 pm – 12:00 am Late Night Slash Fiction Readings

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Leah Bobet, Angela Keeley, Simon McNeil, Adam Shaftoe, Kris Ramsey, Beverly Bambury, Kari Maaren, Marie Bilodeau, David Blackwood (Other panelists welcome. Trying to get enough people together to do a run of The Skinhead Hamlet. If interested, get in touch with me before the con.)

Note: The end time on this panel is an approximation. This one goes as long as the panelists and the audience feel like running it. As with last year, those who wish to bring refreshments to the panel should absolutely do so. (Some will be  provided by yours truly.) All readings will ideally be no more than 500 words. (It’s good in theory, we’ll see how that holds up.)

Late Night 18+ Slash Fiction reading – exactly what it says. BYO Fiction, brain bleach and sense of humour. Viewer discretion is 200% advised.

Saturday, April 11th

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm New Weird, Spec Fic, and Uncanny Literature

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Gemma Files, Sandra Kasturi, Simon McNeil

Sometimes straight up Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror just doesn’t cut it. Lets take it a step further and talk about New Weird, Speculative Fiction, and the Uncanny.

6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Why Are We Fighting the Same War? Inclusiveness from 1970 to Now

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Gemma Files, James Nicoll, Timothy Carter

Why Are We Fighting the Same War over inclusiveness in spec fic that we fought in the 1970s?

11:00 pm – 2:00 am Late Night Bad Fiction Reading

Panelists: Michael Matheson, Angela Keeley, Erik Buchanan, Matt Moore, Simon McNeil

An 18+ late evening event that lasts until everyone’s ears are bleeding or the readers simply can’t go on.

Sunday, April 12th

Fuck paneling on Sunday. I’m going to other people’s panels/events on the final day of the con :p

Tickets to Ad Astra are still available. If you want to sign up for the workshop listed above, do so sooner than later as the number of slots is limited. Do not be put off by the fact that that workshop is at 10 in the morning. We shall all be groggy and irreverent together :D

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Start a Revolution Kickstarter Scheduling Update

Though I’d originally planned to do the Kickstarter/fundraiser (we’ll see which platform that ends up on) for Start a Revolution over a two month period, I’m going to pull that back to one month. The fundraising campaign is now going to run from May 15th – June 15th.

Tightening the scheduling on that for a couple of reasons. Partly because I was looking at the time I have between now and April 15th (when the fundraising was originally going to start), and between all the other projects I need to complete, and the material for the Kickstarter itself, things won’t be ready by mid-April. Also, there is something to be said for running a shorter Kickstarter in terms of less stress for the person actually running it, and the sense of immediacy a shorter campaign lends.

It also means I can spend less time having to run around linking the Kickstarter and sounding off on it constantly. Which also works out better for all the other projects going on around here.

(Like, say, The Humanity of Monsters, which is with layout and its cover is in the works. So I’m hoping to be able to share the cover for that one very soon.)

Otherwise, things are much as they were. More details when they’re settled on.

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