Still Life With Freelancing (Predating the Author’s Cubist Phase)

Because one has to start somewhere before going full Absurdist.

In earnest, though, I am posting today in part to talk about pictures. Specifically some very nice pictures of book covers.

You see, I’ve been doing things because I need work — really any work, but at this particular moment we’re discussing the freelancing because I did a thing:

I’ve been updating the Matheson Freelancing website’s Testimonials page to include a partial CV. People keep asking me what books and other things it is I’ve edited, and I always hem and haw about posting a full CV to the website. Not least of all because I’ve been doing this a long fucking time, and thinking on how much to include leads to questions like: “Do I list the tech manuals? Do I consider all the online articles? How inviolable are those NDAs I’ve signed over the years?”

In the end, it just seemed easier to focus on a relatively small sampling of the long form editorial work I’ve done in the last few years. And to do so via pictures! :D

Because who doesn’t like book cover pictures? (Don’t answer that.)

At this point I’m still playing with the image grid layouts since there are many options for that on the template my other site uses. Also, I’m coming down from a solid stretch of days spent editing while fending off the ravages of a rather irritatingly persistent cold.

But while I’m doing that, you should absolutely head on over to the link above and look at the spiffy material there. And in the process also totally hire me for something or pass along that I’m available to freelance to other people who may be desirous of that information. If only because I have bills and rent to pay. :p

And while I am occasionally hesitant to flaunt my wares, as it were, I’m not shamed by needing work. I’m a damn good editor. Took me a lot of years to be comfortable owning that, but it’s true… And more and more it’s looking like I’m going to need to raise my rates at some point this year (for a variety of reasons). You might as well hire me now while doing so’s still cheap. ;)

(Not that hiring me will get ridiculously more expensive no matter what I were to do in terms of raising my costs. But you know what I mean.)

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