Non-Binary Authors to Read Shout-Out from A.C. Wise

Just popping in for a quick mention to note that I got a shout-out in A.C. Wise‘s ongoing Non-Binary Authors to Read: Where to Start series! Wise runs the series on her blog along with her long-running Women to Read: Where to Start series. They’re both excellent resources, and showcase some extremely talented people, so it’s absolutely delightful to be included. Let alone have my work recommended :D

This particular shout-out comes alongside A. Stiffler/K. Copeland (Chaos Life), Polenth Blake (whose story profiled in Wise’s blog post, “Never the Same,” is reprinted in The Humanity of Monsters … just sayin’), and A.C. Buchanan! And the series has in prior posts covered Bogi TakácsSunny MoraineA. Merc RustadPear NuallakAn OwomoyelaJei D. MarcadeNino Cipri, and E. Saxey. So, really, that’s some damn fine company to be in.

Each of the authors profiled gets a review of a story as well. And in this case, Wise has an awesome reading of my story “Jenny of the Long Gauge,” from Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘s Fractured anthology, and recommends delving into my work with that as a starting point. And actually yeah that’s a really good starting point for reading my work, given that it addresses many of the core concerns of my short fiction and gives one a sense of the overarching style of my writing. And I’m very fond of that story anyway, so I’m totally happy to have it highlighted.

Also, I love when people rave about my work. Let’s be honest, I like mentions about the work period. But rave reviews are ever so much more fun :)

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